Ban Appeal

In-Game Name: COD MW3 (name: johnnnn)

Date and Approximate Time of Banning:N/A

Admin That Banned You: N/A

Any Comments You May Have:
I try to join the server and it says temporary ban. Nothing else. Then when I try to join again it says temporary ban (time left 5 mins). Then after 5 mins when I try to join again it says Temporary ban and it just loops like this over and over again so that I can’t join. I have under 100 ping most the time so it isn’t like I have too high ping.
I really like this server any help will be awesome!!!

I banned you for 2 days because you spectate for too long,first I warned you a few times and kicked you,then I temp banned you for 5 hours and then I banned you for 2 days (:
Anyway don’t spectate for too long and free a slot if you are not playing.
Your ban will expire soon.

Okay. :slight_smile: won’t happen again

NMTP - was banned august 05 at about 18:00 - for Wallhack.(something called ‘global ban’)
How can I be unbanned, cause I never use hack - I played a lot, and I am not bad… but never ever use hack and don’t know how to, neither it is a good idea. the game requires skills and thinking… that’s it
This is truly one of the favorite servers…
thank you

Make a ban appeal properly in the right forum.