Ban Appeal

Hi i just got banned for no reason today on Cod MW3 server NamelessNoobs 24/7 Map lockdown
My username is Rohid
I have did nothing wrong i killed a person then i got banned
Please unban me

Hi, I have some footage of you wallhacking, but I believe DOFH made the ban. Here is the footage I have. Keep in mind I’m using assassin and dead silence. Suspicious kills @ 7:50 and 9ish minutes (spectate knifemare in first person and watch the killcams). Hopefully DOFH has proof too.

wait whats wallhacking? and you said i did it?? and how am i supposed to open the .demo file?

Im dead

wait i still dont get whats wallhacking?

i really dont know what you are saying because when i was playing i clearly remember that after i shot a guy i was banned like instant when i was not even hacking i dont even know how to hack