Ban Appeal

In-Game name: not fast

Date and approximate time of banning: About 1~2 years.

On what server you got banned: Both on Mixed and Lockdown 24/7 MW3 servers. No apparent reason behind it.

Why should we unban you: I have just reinstalled this game and it says I am banned. First things first, if I was a proper hacker, why should I even be appealing on your official forum? Just to get banned again? I’m just looking to have fun and your servers are the ones that look more promising since it is always full of players.


lol 2 years XD

hahaha! good help brother xD

Lol yeah I haven’t played this in a while. Last time I did was about that long ago.

Are you for real rn? Servers aren’t even up for 2 years

I honestly don’t remember how long ago it was… How does this ban works? My IP is banned, right? I do play cod4 with regularity and it might have happened there instead of MW3…

We changed our admin plugin like 4 times, and by changing an admin plugin all data is gone and all players get unbanned so or you got banned recently or its some kind of a bug

Reformat your pc, change your name, and ask your isp to change your ip address

Also download a fresh copy of the game with the correct files

Ok! I’ll make some changes and see if it works, thanks guys!