Ban Appeal

I was recently banned, I don’t know why as it just says “you have been permanently banned” “”. I’m thinking it was when I was moving my MW3 directory to my portable hard drive (so I can game without having my desktop) and a windows error thing came up saying "Are you sure you want to replace teknogods.ini? And I clicked Yes, so i’m not sure if something with my files made me be banned. Should I try to reinstall the game? The same thing happened with the blackpulse servers, they said something about having an ID of a hacker, which I don’t know how the id’s work and what not. I’m just really confused :laughing:

you need to make a correct ban appeal… there you got how to make it…

In-Game name: silent3rror

Date and approximate time of banning: within the last 3 days

On what server you got banned: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you: I just want to have fun and continue playing the old classic MW3, I wasn’t doing anything against the rules, which is why i’m quite confused, but NN admins are awesome, so I think that they’ll be able to help me figure this out :slight_smile:

Should I make a new topic?

Yes make a new topic

This one is //locked.