Ban appeal

In-Game Name: sleazY

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: 11/13/16

Admin That Banned You: Not listed

Any Comments You May Have: I literally just bought this game, and have less than 10 hours on it. I have no idea why I was banned because I’m not using cheats. The only thing I’m using differently in the game is a HDR Reskin because the game looks like shit without it. Really don’t know why I was banned as I am a frequent player on the server.

Nice try but ban stays love your texture hack.

sorry, seemed the thing to say at the time, although I didn’t really say it, still laughing my ass off.

Edit: gotta give him credit for being an idiot but at least he didn’t blame it on his brother.

I don’t understand <---- This is what I’m using

[NN] has the ability to take screen shots of every player on it’s server, to dumb it down for you, we see what you see on your screen, the screen shots above that our owner posted are of you playing, scroll up and you’ll understand why you are banned.


yeah i was in that game. nice try Sleazy rip

Here is the part where they say there brother mother sister grandma grandpa friend dog put the hack on their computer.

Hey guys, I am sorry to re-open what seems to be a solved case, but allow me to explain.

My name is Velty, and I am a good friend of the OP. I play on your guys’ promod server pretty often. I stumbled across the Filter/Saturation mod that the OP linked and was surprised with how much of an improvement it made on the visuals. I showed it to my friend after playing with it for a while. I remember we hopped on cod 4 to play promod one night and went to play in the zG promod server as it was one of the only server populated at that time and Kyle (the OP) mentioned that he received a message that he was banned. We were both confused as to why but we joined Nameless Noobs instead. We played that for the night and the next day/night we were going to play promod pub again and went to join the same NN server and he was now displayed your guy’s message that he was banned. He can be the type to act very childish when he gets upset (and i hope you read this kyle cause youre a little b*tch) and I told him to check your guy’s website and I’m sure they (meaning NN) has a ban appeal. I mentioned it must be the filter mod for the visuals because that would be the only thing we both have altered. I was surprised that since he was banned that I was not so I immediately uninstalled mine thinking it was a “detection.” Obviously you guys have the rest of the story here. I don’t know if he was using something additional to aid his gameplay but I was just hoping that by me explaining this, in case there was a mistake on your end that maybe you guys could double check the evidence you have against him as up until the point that I checked the screenshot st0rm posted, I thought this was all just a misunderstanding. I know it is very possible he was just lying to you and myself but I got on your forums today just to help. He has no idea that I am doing this, it has just been a couple days since we have been able to play promod together on a populated server. The screenshot by st0rm looks convincing but it also looks like it was another player named “jeaNpai” to me.

All in all I just wanted to say, if this has wasted your time I am sorry. No inconvenience was intended by this. I just came to check the status of his ban appeal and add some information that he may have missed. Like I said before, I see what looks like a texture hack in the screenshot but I do not know how that works. If perhaps that is just how the filter is perceived??? Either way, you guys are the experts here. Thank you for running such a great and friendly server. If it does turn out that you guys are sure it was mal-intent, maybe just considering a one time unban as a warning. Just trying to think benefit of the doubt.

Thanks again guys.


Topic locked for off-topic. You’re banned and will stay that way.