Ban appeal

In-Game Name:LastBullet

Date and Approximate Time of Banning:13/11

Admin That Banned You: Andrew

Any Comments You May Have:I was Playing With NO Cheat’s Nothing, Then i just got banned, i have nothing to say coz it’s doesn’t deserve a

nice try max.

Ok. I am Max, get Be Back, I have alot of memory in these server’s, IDK Why I got banned But Andrew Really is Bad Ass Guy…
I am max, i am not trying to hide it, I dont wanna be a memper, Just get me back and That’s it.
and Pls stop typing bad comment’s.


Jeez… Almost feel sorry for the guy

Sadly Max, I defended you when Storm was ready to remove you from the clan, I chalked it up to a language issue and some maturity issues despite the age you posted (or supposed age at the time, sadly it’s something we can’t prove through an application).

I told Storm I would keep you on the straight and narrow but you of course blew that out of the water when you started ranting and going ballistic about a Senior Admin, seriously buddy, I have zero input on you returning but if I did then you would never be able to join another NN server until you actually showed me Obamas real Birth Certificate.

That said, aint never gonna happen, take care and in the future I would suggest you don’t attack a Senior member of a clan who’s servers you seem to love playing on.

:hamster: Like you he’s just running in circles going absolutely nowhere here.

Kid’s more persistent than herpies.

:facepalm: i lol’d