Ban Appeal

Punishment Type: {GCheat] Unfair Advantage

Punishment Reason: Hackers

Guilty? yes

Why I should be unbanned: Hello,
I was always a victim of hackers was angry that killed me so download a cheat for revenge but got ban , still regret what I have done…

I’m pleading guilty for my misbehaviour and I hope you’re willing to offer me a second chance.
I know you’re all very strict and have very strict policies but, I was really hoping if you can offer me one last chance.

I’ve never hacked before it was just on this server because I wanted to be better than the others.
Sadly all I got was a ban my only Account

Hope you’re willing to give me another chance.

My sincere apoligies for my behaviour and use of hacks.

I just don’t have any words…
:facepalm: :derp: :dealwithit:

Use our official ban appeal form.