Ban Inquiry


I was playing on crossfire today as I generally do, and seemingly I had some ISP problems (Connection Interrupted) and then I got disconnected.
I confirmed that my internet was fine and when I reconnected, I got a temp ban due to violating internal system rules.
The duration of the ban was short, but the tech in me is asking if someone can confirm why I got banned, because I’m trying to determine what happened that resulted in this and to avoid it from happening again in the future.
Ingame name is soiledhalo


That is nothing on our end. When your connection lags or becomes unstable the server will temp ban you for 5 minutes.

To be fair, it’s something that’s new with CoD4x. Nothing of the sort happened to me prior to using CoD4x. But yeah, it’s something that will happen when something goes wonky on the client’s side. For instance I have this happen when I change some video options in-game. Those that require a vidrestart like VSync. If I do it twice in a row (doesn’t have to be fast, just On/Off), my game pretty much crashes and the next time I join, I’m banned for a couple minutes because the server didn’t like that.