Banned For No Reason (Seriously)

So, My PC Took A Gigantic Shit, And I Had To Get A New One.
Then I Load Up MW3 After Installing It Again, And Servers Keep Banning Me, Like I Just Join One, And I Get The Message “You Are Permanently :4everalone: Banned” And I’m Kinda Running Out Of Severs To Play On.
Like, I Joined One Of Your Guys Servers B/C I Remember Using Them Before Having To Reinstall.
And It Says I’m Permanently Banned.
I JUST WANNA PLAY :frowning:
:4everalone: :4everalone: :4everalone: :4everalone: :4everalone: :4everalone:
:yuno: :yuno: :yuno: :yuno: :yuno: :yuno: :yuno: :yuno: :yuno: :yuno: :yuno:
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