Banned for no reason

In-Game Name: Cammy

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: 2nd November

Admin That Banned You: idk i just joined and i was banned

Any Comments You May Have: plz unban i think this is because i have cracked version of cod

Thanks for letting us know your game is cracked…
Banned you for the elevator glitch. If the senior admins don’t mind this, you’ll be unbanned shortly. If not, your ban stands.

there is no rule saying this is not allowed :slight_smile:

quote: "there is no rule saying this is not allowed :slight_smile: "

You used an elevator glitch to give yourself an advantage over other players that are legitimate, fair users. While there is no specific rule itself for elevator glitching, you’re abusing a bug to gain something others can’t, which counts as cheating, and is spammed frequently by the in-game B3 bot.

Do not do it again, or you’ll be banned again, most likely for a permanant duration.

ok so will i be unbanned

As ProblemPete has stated, if no senior administration has any issue, then you will be unbanned shortly.

plz unban me

//Locking thread until ProblemPete has decided to unban, as to avoid spam.

Unbanned. Don’t be an idiot