Banned for truth?

In-Game Name: T|F Heliix`

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: 12/15 ; 7pm EST

Admin That Banned You: Terry

Any Comments You May Have: Apparently We’re not allowed to talk in the server because Terry gets upset. Not sure saying ‘‘Stop whining’’ is a probable cause for a ban, especially when every other sentence out of him is a complaint about the server itself. Temporary ban or not, that’s just abusing admin ‘‘powers’’

The NN server Admins should only warn/kick/ban regulars for the constant abuse of the rules we also have to follow.

To be Honest, until the banning Admin posts explaining/defending his side we’ll have to wait before making any decisions.
If that Admin doesn’t then you will of course be un-banned and I will personally apologize for a bad call made on one of my Admins part.

Rule3/Rule4/Smartass. I didnt ban you cause you were talking but whatever helps you sleep. Then when i said i was admin before you knew, you then proceeded to break rule3/4 and being a smartass like i wouldn’t do shit so i banned you for 2 hours. Not permanently. Maybe next time you can have more respect towards admins and it won’t have to come down to this.

We in NN do apologize for the arrogance some take when given the ability to punish regulars, as with all gaming clans we get some bad members and Admins who abuse their status and as a Head Admin I take full responsibility for Terrys abuse of you and others.

We are fair and having done this for more years than I care to admit, I can honestly say that NN is the one of the most forgiving clan who’s servers you had the honor of joining, we base our Members/Admins on applications and seeing them on Discord or the servers, sadly, we judge from that same imperfect criteria, we see what they want us to see and sometimes like Terry we are blind to their ignorance and immaturity.

I’ll take the blame for him and apologize for his immaturity and hope you continue to join us and enjoy what the owner has tried so hard to make a great gaming community, free of hackers and constantly adding new servers to bring more dedicated COD4 players into our community.