Banned For wallhacks? This is getting old

In-Game Name: Twitch/TGDPlays

Date and approximate time of ban: 27/12/2016 1:31 AM GMT

What server were you banned on: NamelessNoobs Lockdown 24/7

Why should we unban you:

So, I got banned for ‘wallhacking’ let’s get straight to the point. Here’s the demo for the game
I have numerous moabs with my webcam showing my screen live on stream. Here’s a very recent Steam MW3 triple moab I got with the monitor cam Twitch
I have a 57 minute long MW3 video also from stream which shows my monitor to prove I’m not wallhacking.

Lockdown is a personal favourite map of mine, I can guess where people will be spawning and coming from with decent accuracy, I was somewhat analysing the playstyles of the players present, I made mistakes that wouldn’t have been made if I had wallhack or aimbot. This may sound stuck up or cocky, but I will say it anyway. I wouldn’t die if I had wallhack, ever. There would never be a gunfight that I’d lose, and not only that, nothing would ever go wrong for me. On Steam as you may or may not know, sitrep pro counters dead silence, you can hear everyone moving, sound can alert me and notify me of your almost exact location. There are so many factors that I throw in the mix and none of them include third party cheats, if you watched my channel or even knew me you’d understand how much I hate cheaters. To be honest, this ban has inspired me to make a video following/explaining my steps and how I know what to do, when to do it and how to go about it.

I’ve played in numerous tournaments on TeknoMW3, my team and I only lost one, this was when half of my monitor was broken and displayed no game picture, I still managed the top score for most of the games.

Long story short, I can provide endless streams of proof (Pardon the pun) Whether it be scans, streams, live gameplay, screen cam. It’s all doable and within reach.

Thanks for reading.

hope you get unbanned so I can prevent your moabs in the most noobiest ways possible.

“There would never be a gunfight that I’d lose”

We’ll see about that. I also hope you get unbanned so we can face off more :slight_smile:

Wait who banned you?

You’re not banned

I had “global ban” pop up and then I couldn’t rejoin?

“Enforced Global Ban: Wall”

Yeah, it popped up for me too, I asked Hippie about it and he told me to unban you. You are unbanned now.