Banned For wallhacks?

In-Game Name: droskh

Date and approximate time of ban:17/1/2017 8:37 PM GMT

What server were you banned on: NamelessNoobs Lockdown 24/7

Why should we unban you:

So, I got banned for ‘wallhacking’

the admin gave me ban write Enforced Global Ban: wall bii

Enforced Global Ban:wall boi

Alright, don’t spam our forums, we WON’T unban you.

Alright, im very sorry for spam yours ok don’t unban me

Well, God willing, what lifted the ban

Supposed to give opportunities to anyone Ahan be respected and the son of the people

You are not respected and thank you I am not a hacker of people do not love them
But your interaction is not good and I advise you to improve your dealings
ok don’t unban me ok but why ban all server I don’t use wall install the but This is an injustice I don’t Hurts any players

You hurts my brain :derp:

Do you even speak English, wtf are you talking about…
Did you just use google translate

Same, I know the feeling Hippie…

Proof of you walling. :fuckyea: