Banned. from iMaserati

hellow :v

what did I do? I never got an explanation for what I got banned for.
Didn’t even get a reason in the message that appears when I try to enter.

Was banned when on Lockdown from both servers.

IGN iMaserati

would post requested proof and such for staff members obv
aw come on its the only low-ping sever I can actually play on pls

You killstreak hack and wh

demo doesn’t show me wh cause i knew someone destroyed the remote sentry so i was near it went to see if the guy was there so yeah
and how is osprey a hack when it doesnt have a blurred vision when using it’s gun meaning i can see people on the ground aside from the red squares it usually puts on 1 or 2 people

it shows what’s on mp7 is worth 2 modules and ability Damage why is that,
you often die and have not made a large series of murders,
you have where it appeared Osprey Gunner and immediately you used special cargo Osprey

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