Banned from Lockdown 24/7?

In game name: XtremeOne

I was playing in your Lockdown 24/7 server, as I always do, when I was permanently banned out of nowhere. I was using a MSR sniper and was doing fairly well in game.
Can I ask for this ban to be lifted, or at least be notified for the reason I was banned.

Because You Were walling And Using Foul Language Towards Others

i have a witness and i was spectating you at the time and you seemed to be looking through walls and predicting a lot so i made the decision to ban you. If you have proof you were not hacking then please do post it and i may unban you

You should post proof where he uses hack

I try to predict and assume a lot while I’m playing, and rely a great deal on sound. So if I seem to turn and look around a lot that’s why. I mean obviously I don’t have proof that I wasn’t hacking because I don’t record anything.
I just wanted to know what was the reason I was banned, because it was out of nowhere, and I play on your server a lot. If you have evidence though, I’d love to see it.
Otherwise thanks for you time.

We moved on from TeknoGods so this ban is officially non-existent.

Ban appeal expired.