Banned Lockdown 24/7 MATAHACKS

Good day namelessnoobs team
It happens that today, 12:30 in the morning, was playing normal on your server, as I have been doing for over 2 months without any problem and then the players were complaining about a wall hack, which was my team called UTAKATA, despite asking politely to leave the server or turn off the wall hack ignored the request and as I saw people suffer for playing like this, I decided to end the game with a software that I have called loader.exe, in which charge a file.dll and I can finish the game, I add that it is the first time I came to use it, because I felt annoyed that I did not let play and I thought, that ending the game could go or turn off the wall hack, but when activating end game, has banned me from the server. I ask you to please consider my motive, I have always played cleanly without external software or cheating, but in this situation I wanted to help and end up hurting myself. I thank you in advance.
Name used at the moment of being banned: MATAHACKS
Real name: MAYLIN.

Wrong format ‘Appeal a Ban’