Banned vpn ----> I used wtfast

Best regard.

Dear admins and moderators of the namelessnoobs server, my favorite server.
It turns out that I bought the wtfast program a while ago and it seemed interesting to me because it helps my ping to be super stable. between the dear server and after a few games, I lose the connection with the host.
I’m going to reconnect but it turns out that I get this

i would like your help, since I can not enjoy my favorite server.
PS: speak with blood a frequent player on the server and told me to comment on the post and that was for vpn. that the post would solve it.

Thank you for your attention

VPNs are banned.

We can not do something about it.
wholeheartedly I did not do anything wrong and was not informed of the vpn
plissss cheezy
I have the right to appeal?.

No. VPNs are banned. End of story.