Benda banned

In-Game name:

Benda (now Bear)

Date and approximate time of banning:


On what server you got banned:

NN 2x Monthly vanilla (Rust)

Why should we unban you:

I’ve never used cheats, i have no idea why i was even banned i just spawned with a friend i was chopping a tree to get some wood and i got banned i got banned for being “Game Banned” but i am however not banned i don’t know why i was banned so if u guys could please unban me to let me play with my friends :smiley:
Here i will link my profile to show i am not gamebanned .

Thank you for your time !

Hi there!

It seems you were banned back in May of this year.

Do you have any recognition of this?

no actually i dont i have never been gamebanned

And i wouldn’t be able to play on the account i think and i haven’t played on ur server before that was my first time logging in…

You should be unbanned.

Thank you