Black Ops 2/mw3 Pluto Information

For anyone that dosent know how to unlock everything (Just about)

-Hit unlock in the Plutonium main menu
-Go to Bo2 main menu
-Select online
-Public match
-Back out
-Close game
-Open game
Then to get everything unlocked without the need of tokens
-Press the TILDA key that → ` ← its next to the 1 on your keyboard
And type statsetbyname plevel 11 Sets you to master prestige
And unlocks everything that requires Tokens :smiley: :heart:

There almost everything in the game is unlocked (Will updated as things change)

For unlocking NON dlc camos
At Plutonium main menu
-Exit the menu
-Go to Online
-Public match
-Core tdm (Team Death Match) (or whatever game mode you want)
-Wait for any map to show up
-Press The TILDA key → ` (Right next to the one key)
-Type xpartygo
-Game will load with no one in it
-Press TILDA again
-Type Spawnbot 8 (Or whatever number you want (Not sure of the limit) )
-Shoot bots in the head with whatever gun you want
Then you shall start unlocking camos the legit way
(Its the only way i can get it to work as far as Non dlc camos go)
Its a long process I know BUT its the only way till the DEVs can fix the unlock all

To prestige your weapons
Prestige the weapon
-Back to Plutonium main menu
-Unlock all
-Exit Plutonium main menu
-Public match
-Create a class
-Go to the weapon you prestiged
-Prestige it again
-Rinse and repeat for all weapons


DM me if you need any help on Discord or here on forumes

Thanks for the Information +1

eventho i dont like that ( unlock all) cuz i like to grind <3 but thx alot for the guide … much appreciated bro