Blasted votekick

Hey. I tend to frequent your MW3 server and if not for a certain problem (which is quite a big deal, actually) would be completely satisfied with the services provided. So. What do I have to say? Your votekick command is misplaced, having been made available to each and every pleb on the server at any time. Like what the hell? Clutched a MOAB at 46-7 — votekicked, tmpbanned. Preaimed — votekicked, tmpbanned. Lunged in on Dead Silence, knifed four people in a row — votekicked, tmpbanned. I usually don’t give a damn about others calling me names and rightfully so, but this votekick feature completely ruins my gaming experience. Locals are clueless, readily push Yes, without even knowing or caring what the hell for they were given the right to vote to begin with.
Cut the autoban to 10-15 minutes. Godly three hour oneshots at the behest of random passers-by are starting to become unbearable. Thanks, if you’re willing to look into the matter.

Votekick is meant to be used against hackers when there are no admins online and Votekick will be disabled once we have enough servers to keep the server hacker free, I’m sorry that there are people miss-using it along with abusing it i’ll see to it that it wont be getting abused or miss-used.
We will try to figure something out as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback.