Bo2 ban appeal (otylerhd)

Ban Appeal Form from otylerhd

In-Game name:

Response: IlIIIIlllIlI

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 8 months ago

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN TDM

Why should we unban you:

Response: Gonna be honest i read everyone elses ban appeal and they all say they where not cheating and stuff, i bet most of them where. I got banned for using wallhack i was being dumb and do regret it because this is the only server i can play on every other server i have over 300 ping, i honestly stopped playing the game right after getting banned so 8 months ago and i just tried to play it again and im still banned so here i am apologizing for my actions, and would really appricate a second chance i think your server and admins are doing a great job with stopping the cheats, we cant play regular mw2 or bo2 without a hacked lobby so this admin on servers thing is a great idea

Hi there and thanks for your appeal.

The rules are set in place regarding those who have been proven to cheat and we enforce these with perma bans once proof has been gathered. Since you were caught cheating (proof recorded by an Admin), the ban was assigned correctly and won’t be uplifted.

We do truly appreciate that you feel bad for your actions and that you’re coming clean about it, but our rules are set in place for a reason and we have ban appeals for those who believe they are wrongly or unfairly banned, such as some of the appeals you may have seen by other players. (If they were unbanned, they would have provided evidence to prove they are clean, like Demo files).

Since the ban is staying, I will close and move this thread. I’m sorry again, but those rules are here for the safety of our server, members and staff.

//Ban Appeal Denied
//Thread Locked