Broadcast server

Good afternoon sir , my nick is SilverAim M0t0 , in cod 4 , im almost daily player on broadcast 24/7 server . I´d like to ask you for extending score limit and time limit up to double at least . Its really fast , and if this server is broadcast server only , it would be great . Last thing is just question : why you removed RPGs , those helicopters are really annoying :slight_smile: (if you could bring it back ).Thanks to read that, i hope you will reply positively .
Best regards,
[SilverAim].M0t0 :wink:

Hope RPG Back +1
Hope P90 ban… in BC server, players have 120 averge ping, it means, the only thing that the P90 users need to do, is holding W+Fire. then they get a pretty score.

P90 is part of the game so I dont see them taking that away. RPGs were banned because they were not being used properly. People would sit and wait in a corner and RPG the shit out of you. I could care less never voted for them to go but people couldent handle it.

As far as score goes, I feel double would be too much. Part of the reason our servers are always full is its fast paced action. Take that away and it would get boring.

Relax enjoy the game and of course Have a :banana: or :banana::banana:

Temp Removal of RPG in Broadcast again… been seeing alot of crybabies and alot of leavers over it… One guy so good he gets 4 people each time … anyways!!

Doubling the time and score would make it lose it’s fast action fun just like Tyler said.
I feel like the RPG is completely useless and stupid to bring back (I used to be for it until playing on the NN servers on COD4), it kills the gameplay.
P90 is a gun so probably no removing it.
I think instead of adding RPGs they should remove the killstreaks (like helicopter) so no one asks for it again (only on COD4 tho because on MW2 and MW3 you have lock on only missile launchers). I also say to remove the killstreaks because people not being able to shoot them down gives the person with that killstreak a even higher advantage which I believe is not right

Hi, my name is MedalofHomer and I am a daily player in this server, the problem is people who don’t know how to aim a gun takes rpg’s and spam the map by shooting them through every hole they can find. At some point it starts to get annoying because somebody just spams the spawns with rpg’s. People literally started to run around with them. Heli’s are pretty easy to take down with an lmg and there are plenty of people in the server using it. I am for the rpg ban again. Thank you for your consideration.