Happy birthday Storm have a good day and don’t get too drunk xD
Been 2 years now lets make it another few :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck to you mate, enjoy the day.

Happy Birthday Storm

st0rm happy bday m8 <3(no homo)

NO WAYYYY. It’s Storms Bday <3 Happy Birthday From the SS man himself

Fuck he gonna get laid tonight :fap: :fap: :smiley:
Happy birthday bae, you are getting old!!

happy birthday m’lord :epic: :nyancat:

Happy Bday, boss! :smiley: :smiley:

Happy birthday, your majesty :penis: :penis: :penis: :angelic-green: :penis: :penis: :penis:

Happy Birthday :occasion-birthday: :occasion-balloons: :occasion-birthdaymulticolor: :occasion-cake: day boss, What is this now? 50 :penis:

Just kidding please don’t fire me boss.

Happy Earth Strong boss hope you live to see many more.