Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare Reveal

2:58 :penis: :penis: :penis:

If not already CoD or Star Wars haha and remastering of COD 1 looks great :smiley:

Looks fun to me but it wouldn’t be a game like MW2/MW3 to me and what i mean by that is that i’ll play for a couple of days maybe weeks and get bored maybe after 1-2 weeks of playing it unlike MW2 i still play it after it’s release back in 2009…

Honestly, I was expecting rifles that shoot lasers and go PHEW PHEW PHEW :laughing:

looks very good. i like it!.. release date? :smiley:

on 04 November this year :sunglasses:

super duper! :penis:

It’s all about that CoD Remastered :smiley:

Many take it as the new COD died when today Battlefield 5 is presented or at least I saw the twitch channel where present the BTF 5 :nerd: :unamused:

The Battlefield 1 trailer literally shat on the CoD trailer. gg Infinityward, try again in 2 years.