Can i get unbanned?

I got banned for aim hacks on nameless noobs servers and i am really sorry about that and i wont do it again. i would like t get unbanned because it was the best server because it has the less ping. Thanks.

I just want to play zombies i promise i wont hack anymore you have my word

Hi there, what is your in game name?

My in game name is GRESDIOGAMER

I would really like to play BO2 Zombies Origins im really good in Origins zombies

Thank you for the appeal. Unfortunately, due to you admitting to using cheats, we cannot take the risk to unban you.

I promise i wont use them again can i at least get unbanned from zombies cuz the namelessnoobs servers have really good ping.

Due to the risk involved with unbanning you after admitting that you’ve cheated, we are unable to at this time and so the appeal is a no-go.

//Appeal Denied
//Thread Locked