Can someone please make sense of the rules

Why do I get muted for defending myself and not cursing anyone? I play objective every game yet get trolled in chat when I die… Cpt Hex trolls and never plays objective…these kids talk about raping and say racist things in spanish yet they get no mute or kick? I call someone a noob sure but I don’t start hurling insults at them. Can someone please explain? -Raptor

and now I get kicked for some reason? I’m playing objective. it’s not like I’m sitting in a corner not trying to win. I’m actively looking for the enemy teams last person to kill then to defuse. I don’t get it.
plz go back and watch the vod if you can and tell me I’m not trying to play objective.

Well you do shit talk a lot and all day. If you can’t take it then don’t dish it out. I’ve looked at your chat log… It’s about the same as some of the others bc i do monitor it. Each time you say someone is being toxic i’ve looked at their history and it’s nothing insanely horrible.

Are you on discord? It’s a lot easier to tag us there for people not playing obj than to report a million of them all day. We are pretty active on there so maybe join us there =P.

I can hop on discord bigmouth. I can take it trust me I’m fine with that if that’s why I got muted. I will chill out on my end.

What I don’t understand is why I got booted for not playing objective when all I do is try to play it. It wasn’t like I was sitting in a corner waiting for bomb to go off. I was legit running around trying to find the last person on their team. Joining discord.

I’m not sure about that but overall we are all pretty chill. We don’t typically kick for shit talking and i’m the most lenient I would say bc I know it comes with playing cod. But come back and play and if you don’t get along with some just ignore them =P

The objective when you are on defense it to defuse the bomb if it has been planted.

Most good players on attack will stay hidden until they hear the bomb start to be defused. You rarely have time to check every single hiding spot, so running around the map miles away from the bomb searching for players when the timer runs out doesn’t count as playing the objective.

I had already talked to you earlier in the day yesterday about doing this, so when I kicked you for not playing the objective, it was the second time. The bomb exploded, and you were still miles away from the bomb site.

When the timer is getting low, you should be at the bomb site. You can start to defuse to try to draw out the enemy player if there is still time to defuse.

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And to save you the time of asking about your 1 day temp ban for racism today, it was because of this post about our Spanish players:

It reads from the bottom up.

I did also give the other player that you flagged on Discord a 1 day temp ban as well.

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Sooo 2 hour ban for arguing today? plz show me arguing with any admin?