Can't find server

So i decided to take a break from Cod4 and went to come over to MW3 and I can not find the servers listed in the browser. I’m running original MW3 bought from steam.

Contact us on discord .

Could you or any other member make a drop box of the patches needed. Another person directed me to a website nosTeam or something like that but I do not trust it AT ALL. it constantly has very aggressive pop-ups and my anti-virus had to even block a webpage from it for trying to exploit a vulnerability in browsers and now it even wants me to run a .exe just to install the patch, how about no. I really wanna play the NN server for mw3 as I love your guys cod4 servers, as I’m sure a lot of people see me around daily, but I’m not about to ruin my computer with a virus.

Hey sorry for the late reply.
Contact me directly through pms on discord i’ll get you going.


NoSteam is trustworthy, I’ve downloaded a lot of games from them. The popups are annoying… I know. You could also use TeknoGods to patch it. But I think the original steam version should work.