Change Gun Game to SnD?

Should we change Gun Game server to Search and Destroy?

  • Yes
  • No
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I suggest we change our Gun Game server to Search and Destroy. Reason being I don’t feel gun game attracts a lot of players and it becomes boring after some time unlike snd.
Please vote and submit your worthy opinions.

We already had S&D before Gun Game and it failed to attract players.

read it and weep

Change GUN GAME in to a Free for all Server

Lol nice, everyone wants something different.
How 'bout we leave it as it is and you guys do something for once and fill up the servers :^)

:ok: I’ll help and fill up the servers. :ok:
:ok: I love NN a lot :ok:


I think i’ll remove the option to make polls such as these because in my honest opinion i feel like it’s up to the management team to discuss and make changes such as these.
If you do have a suggestion please do tell us and do post a topic.

This isn’t a warning or anything I just felt like informing everyone.

due the fact we already have an s & d server so why need another? my opinion is to change it free for all although it is similiar to gun game only thin is u have to get kills in order to get more advanced guns. Change it to free for all where the management group will be able add mod maps to the server so we dont play the known maps only like a server i played on , on cod 4 added nuketown etc i have observed in previous days that the population didnt fell below 20 the maximum.

From Clan Member,


this is mw3 not mw xD

okl didnt show that it was
mw3 tho

Only the mw3 admins replied, and we’re talking about changing the mw3 gun game into SnD

How about it stays gungame, but change the maps to DLC only maps?
I have no idea tbh…

how about don’t reply to a month old topic? :slight_smile:

IS it better to make a new one, to present my ideas? IMO there is a topic already, why taking space and making a new one?

You can reply to old topics as much as you want.