Change MW2 Server to HC

Change the Servers to HC

  • Yes normal HC (30 Health)
  • No leave how it is (70 Health)
  • Semi HC (50 Health)
  • Yes normal HC (30 Health + HUD)
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Yo Noobs,

Lets take a quick vote.

PS. Poll will run for 5 days.


I say this is a good idea, maybe throw it on one or two servers to begin with and see how it goes (Beta test it, if you will)

If people like it, it can be incorporated into all the servers <3

I just came here to say hello.

I believe it would be good with HUD, just decrease health (30). Just my opinion though.

Im with Chryssi here, I love HC but im not sure if it would be good on all MW2 servers, maybe try 1 or 2 for now.

I would like to point out. When I suggested the HC change for the MW2 servers I didn’t mean removing HUD. Just expressing this now. I prefer HUD with HC health. Just my opinion at least.

Thanks for the expression, guys. Poll has been reset and + hud has been added as an option.
Still sticking to my same vote though :3

Personally I wouldn’t want all servers to have such low health.

I say leave some servers as they are and test the changes in a different one to see how players react to it.

At the current moment in time, Terminal has the hardcore settings as out “Tester Map”, so if you’re down for it, hit terminal up. If it’s empty, people will join once users start populating.

I second that, though skidrow HC hmmm… not to sure if to lean on that side, bet it would be pretty sweet though but not sure hmmm…

Tbh this is gonna be so much cancer​:joy::joy: