Cheater Report from Mister Petals

Cheater Report Form from Mister Petals

In-Game name:

Response: Jwynster

Date and approximate time:

Response: 3/12/2020

On what server did this happen on?:

Response: NN FFA Server

Hacking Proof:

More Information:

Response: So, I didn’t get banned, I dunno why I have to fill out that option to report a cheater.
The cheater was on the server 24/7 HCTD for CoD4 not corssfire or broadcast and not your FFA

Thank you for your report. After review, I have not seen anything that makes him look suspicious. I have forwarded your demo to other admin for review. You should see a response from us soon.

Appreciate the report as well. I do see a few suspicious kills, but it’s not enough for me to call it a hack.

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