Cheesy Into to the BEST ADMIN Avi

I want to do one… soo here it goes, real shit.

My gamer name is Aviational but real name is Bryson, and my friends all call me B Love.
I live in Louisiana, West of new Orleans and Baton Rouge…and NO we not all like the ppl you see on TV (Duck Commander) but we pretty country outchea.
I’m 20, so i’m almost old enough to strap up w a concealed carry and light up idiots.
I’m a Junior in college, about 50%+ the way through with Mechanical Engineering, projected to be the first person in the family with a degree.
Iv’e only really played soccer all my life and other than that i played video games, mostly COD till like BO2 when they started to make shit games, thus why i play MW now.
I own a custom gaming PC with a GTX 980, i5 GPU, and 2 SSD’s. I also got my dual monitors strapped up.
Other shit i guess i like to do is workout and just BS w friends.
Thanks for reading my cheesy, lame paragraph about myself.

The Best Admin


it just got up ill send you if it comes back up

Nice pc Specs bro, as soon as i get a job i will be able to get myself a gaming rig so i will be able to play currently games at a decent framerate so i can murder yall, i can tell you that it will be over 120,00 the cost so yea currently my account is all pumped out waiting for me to draw but i cant because am not the current age to be able to withdraw the money,my aunt is the 1 who draws it for me so in about a ear or two ill be in my room with my custom built rig,and ps5 and ps4 cause i have seen some trailers about the ps5 aleady :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis:

Shakes head

Lol I am from Louisiana myself Avi. Born in Sulphur in Calcasieu parish. :stuck_out_tongue: Currently living in Indiana though. But lived in lousiana for about 25 years of my life so yea.
I just got a gaming rig myself for christmas using my bonus from my job. lol Gigabyte gtx 1060, i7 6700k cpu. sadly no ssds yet

yo @avi