Clan Battle? - LittleMoro

My name is @[NN]LittleMoro, I was wondering for all the MW2 players Mod/Admins everyone with MW2.
If we go looking for another group of player’s that represent another clan and ask them if they want to have a clan battle with our ( [NN] GROUP TEAM) enough players to to fill up the 1 server (could be more server’s if possible at a time).

-1 = type of game could be (group’s of both teams will come upon a decision & decide what type of mod/or game style will be chosen)

  • 2 = type of weapons allow (group’s of both teams will come upon a decision & decide what type weapons allowed)

Regarding > dash 2 - if only because some people might not want (grenade launcher) i personally don’t have a problem with grenade launcher or any sort of weapon class of one’s choosing.

What server would we use to host the competition (“arena”) ; ( {both groups will decide what server or who’s server}
(some might call lag and possible map/game reset)
if someone has a opinion to a → conclusion ) people notify the group/groups for full conformation/understanding.
also we want to ensure both teams have as best of ping as possible to reduce any fusterations. (i dont think there will be any lol)

Also what will we use to communicate with other group’s,
possible, (we could use discord to chat with there group/ they may come on our discord or vise versa)
/separate channels for each team though would be nice to have both group in 1 discord so communication is high after round\

Everyone that views this PLEASE leave a message and submit i would really highly appreciate it the feed back // corrections will be very helpful // understandable. i would like to know what you think! THANKS! :dance: :smiley: :slight_smile:

We’ve tried before. Used to do it all the time actually. Last I checked, nobody wants to.

Maybe this would work if you ask the members in our Discord server.

good idea. would just need to find a group who wants to.

sounds fun, but we would need to talk it over. ill post this in the mw2 team discord and see what the other admins reckon .