Cod 4 MW server

Hi. Dont know if this you all aware of or not. Or if its just me. But i favorited NN HC snd server. So i prefer to play there. Even got bots if no one is around. But at some times (euro time) the server disappears. Can only find it if i put favorites on. Is this attentional or ? Just asking becouse the only servers i find that are people on are some arab servers and they all speak well yeah arab in text too.

Hey Carpe,

By default, the list of servers has a filter on it with the option of modded servers: OFF, and on weekends we add modded maps to the Search and Destroy server, which creates it to be out of your filter. This is going to be the reason why it doesn’t show up for you sometimes and will only be seen in the favorites section during that time.

Thanks for answer…