COD MW4, where to make ban appeal?

In-Game name: TAGPrsa

Date and approximate time of banning: Im guessing between 20.11.2016 and 2.12.2016

On what server you got banned: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 -

Why should we unban you: I did nothing wrong.

Normally you would appeal for a ban here

edit: for COD4 anyways


Banned for texture hack

The one thing I love more then sex (shit you not) is banning hackers on the servers, the only thing I love more then banning hackers is the same idiots who actually hack and are banned who have the audacity to appeal the ban and get certifiable proof shoved up their ass that they are fucking losers.

That’s like my wife walking in on me while I have my penis shoved in my girlfriends vagina and screaming “You cheating motherfucker!!!”.
Then I look at her with all the innocence I can muster at the time and tell her “I’d never cheat on you baby…”

Guess what TagPrsa, you got caught with your penis in the cookie jar, no getting out of it, and I enjoyed banning you.

Just for the record, I have been married 26 years, I kinda lied, if the wife actually put out I would actually unban all hackers. :laughing:

Lmao Dill indeed It is quite enjoyable banning the idiots who use hacks the other day I had to ban I think it was 5 of them on S&D in like 10 minutes >.> I straight up told everyone in the game. “Hey we can see what you see if there is anymore hackers please just leave now lol.” But yea I just noticed his ban in the banlist with the screenshot it gave me a good giggle.

Lmao, it’s like the guy i saw earlier on the SnD server. Got banned so he makes a diff acc and tries using the same hacks and gets banned again within a total of 5 min.

This is not texture hack… its called fullbright using r_fullbright 1 or bind on youtube. On some servers it can be used with !fps or !fullbright.

And nobody said its not allowed? Btw, if you dont want people using it you can turn it off and wont work. I dont see any problem here.

Seriously? so FullBright now makes your arms bright green and your hands bright white while totally ignoring your surroundings on the same setting?
Apparently you should get a bit brighter then FullBright, gotta give you credit though, you are the epitome of ignorance (that being nice, my first choice of words were stupidity), most hackers would be ashamed to come back and argue against the facts, you on the other hand did. :clap: :clap: