CoD4x Update

CoD4x just released their new 20.1 update, but it’s currently incompatible with the servers. Will they be updated to work with 20.1?

I am having the same issue, if I knew this would be an issue I wouldn’t have updated. Anyword on when the server will be updated?

So far I can’t find any way to revert back to 19.x, working on finding a way currently.

We will update ASAP

Thanks so much!

Servers have been updated.

Somewhat unrelated, but has anyone been experiencing freezes with 20.1?

If you have a legal version of cod4 you can scroll to the bottom of this link and do what Fraggy says- - This website is for sale! - cod4x Resources and Information.

If you have a cracked version you’ll have to get a ‘updated’ version of iw3mp.exe however I don’t know where you’d find this at.

Hi, Just joined and wondering how I can join a server? I have cod4 on steam is that all I need? Sorry if these are dumb questions but I’m lost.

Find out server in server list and just connect to it. Cod4x will auto install