Crossfire Spectate

I was wondering if there is a way to make crossfire 24/7 have spectating open to those who are not on a team to watch players on both teams. If someone is suspected of doing what Laelite4 was doing it would be really hard to get proof. He made it very very difficult as he was a regular and knew how the spectating system worked. He would join another team making the game a 2v1 preventing me from spectating him. I had to leave the game and rejoin 5mins in to which he was forced to play a 1v1 game to which I joined his team. If this regular was bypassing the screenshot system as undetected. Makes me wonder how many others are doing this as well. I have not seen people use this bypassing since TWL Matches for pb. I wouldn’t mind providing more demos/clips to keep the 24/7 servers as clean as the SnD server is.

It would be great to spectate anyone in any server as spectator.