Bitcoin has made more millionaires this year than any other investment.

I bought 12 Bitcoins when they were $3… and sold them when they were $90… Now they just hit over $17,000… DOOOOOH!!!

Anyways, it looks like cryptos are here to stay and ready to shake up the financial universe.

The easiest way to get into them is to start mining them with your computer. Initially the profit seems minimal. But if you can mine enough of them while it is in its startup stage - if it takes off - you will have a great payoff…

I just let mine run in the background and don’t even notice it on any of my gaming/computing.

One of the newest ones out their that looks really promising is

Right now I am making ~ $5 a day… But if this even takes off a little over the next year I will be able to pay off my house :wink:

LeTooth (Russ)

Very interesting i’ve always had an interest in crypto currencies however i knew little to none about them and never really bothered to put in effort into learning about them, maybe i should and maybe i will :wink:

According to google now a single bitcoin is worth almost 15k. I’m getting some now

Look into funfair.

Dude imagine one day a lot of people could be making bank just but a online casino. Cant wait for it all