Custom Cross Red dot sight

100 % accurate. Replaces the first unlockable red dot sight (target dot) at weapon level 7.

How to put it in the game files:

  1. Go to the game directory (press right click on the game shortcut/icon and press “Open File Location”)
  2. Open the folder “main”
  3. Search for file, named iw_06.iwd
  4. Press right click and choose option “Open with…”
  5. Search for winrar and open it with winrar
  6. Exctract the downloaded file in the iw_06.iwi winrar file.
  7. Accept the stuff it requires and you have it all set.

WARNING: I made dis, if u gonna reupload it just mention me or smth… i dont really care.
PS - I suggest you back up (make a copy) the original file, just in case you dont like that.

Have fun or whatever

Press here to download it
cross red dot.rar
cross red dot.rar (2.02 KB)

Hey Yasko, thanks so much for the new sight mate. Really liking this red cross.