Darth Maul is banishing me all the time when I enter the server

Darth Maul is banishing me all the time when I enter the server
my nickname is Crucial.Hs
NamelessNoobs 24/7 lockdown he is playing it now and not can come and go as he banishes me all the time.
I wonder why he is abusing be manager because I did not do anything, play every day here on the server.
You should be afraid to be dying for me.
please accept and be bad noob and stop banishing me. be humble your child

I think you´re not well, once doesn´t mean wherever you cam in, you understend someting, for you tempban was because all players in server were complaining to you because you use wallhack, and besides i warned you several time and i still dont.

I was very stern and pacient talking about trying explain it to you and you dindn´t want me to hear and understand that i was trying to call you the reason.

Ok, sorry i didn´t want to deprive you of your fun, plus i am admin and i was only doing my job whitc is to keep away from the servers of NN cheaters like you, now you´re telling me that you always to come in i give you ban i should thank me for not giving ban permanent. because if this was any others admin you would be permanente banned.

first hacker to claim by tempban lol


This fool is being hella disrespectful. He should get a permaban just for that. What does he think of himself, that he is world most elite MLG player in the world. If an admin says you are hacking and bans your cheating ass just accept and don’t try to go out of your way to call him a noob for that? I am actually starting to doubt your intellectual abilities. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: What an abslolute idiot. I’ve seen you in game and let me tell ya ur hella fishy buddy. :nerd: :nerd: :ugeek:

If you think a player is hacking,but can’t decide should you ban him,record him and show it to me or HippieYoda.It doesn’t matter if everyone in the server is saying he hacks.I know this guy is camping,but if he’s not breaking the rules,leave him alone.If you have proof of him hacking post it and he will be banned.


thank you for being an honest person, Andrew.
The truth is that I do not use Cheater not hack use.
these administrators abuse their power.
prove that hack use can ban me permanently. but not use.
adm TORONTO today this banishing me all the time.
Please ANDREW asks for them to stop banish me without reason.
Thank you for being fair man