Hey guys
I wonder if you have ovh as ddos protection provider.
You all should be aware about ddos strikes in last weeks. Many servers from tekno had been ddosed.
In kS we have ovh to protect forum and servers. With forum is working find and we are facing mutch less robots than earlier. But on servers it seems hard to protect from attacks from bot nets with packeges with 300mb/s (60 in last days).
Our provider claims that we are the only ones requesting for a MW3 profile protection. Witch is lattleing their effort to solve it.
If u guys use ovh can u ask them if they can stop ddos please.?

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We have been getting ddosed everyday now for a week and like you said its coming from mw3 but unfortunately we don’t use ovh anymore we actually just moved to a different provider.

Thank you for ur reply :slight_smile:
I hope ure doing well with ur new provider.
Thoose ddos are raping tekno clans. Aldo new servers appears all weeks in tekno master list, numbers of users isn’t raising. In fact i think it’s decreasing cz the ddos consequences (lag and shut down servers).
Im trying to reach as many clans as possible in order to try to keep tekno clans healthy and enjoyable.

I was checking the tekno forum did not see anything maybe we should post something there and see how many people are having issues. Thanks again for the update i was thinking it was just someone after my clan for us banning a hacker.

Thank you.

i found this topic at tekno

I had that idea in the principle of ddos attacks too. But they turn in large scale quickly, so i guess it’s not anny stupic acker doing it. it’s something bigger idk.
Ive heard about a theory that could be steam or activision or even infinity wards doing it. maybe cz of new CoD was releazed, idk.
theories, anyway.

tk :slight_smile:

With cracked servers comes crippling bull shit.

Well… our owner, wild1 said he figure what to do. And now he is working together with teknogods peeps to solve it out.

Thank you for the update