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I have an unusual request to stop cyberbullying, harassment in the game of a player with the nickname DIN (CHANGED TO lama)
This player insults Russian-speaking players of your server, and does it in a very rude manner and interferes with playing. (Server: namelessnoobs S&D)
In the Russian version it is even more rude than racism!
He comes to the server not for the sake of the game, but in order to prevent us from playing for a long time, provoke, threaten and humiliate us in every possible way!
He did it on other servers where he was banned, but he found us on your server and continued the bullying!
In our opinion, he is a psycho, otherwise it is impossible to explain his actions!
(Here are screenshots in Russian) the exact translation is something like this: “Asshole! Get the fuck out of this server! This is not a place for bitches” “Cunt! Get the fuck out of here”
"Fucked-up bastard! Fuck you! “Fucked-up Asshole” and other.


and there are a lot of such screenshots, there is a demo.
By the way, this phrase is on his binde to often repeat it, but the English translation does not express that fullness of insults and utterances, because there are a lot of curses in Russian.
I ask the admins of this server to ban this insane person.
It really prevents us, decent players, from being on your server. My words can be confirmed by a whole group of players: timky woo, aniret|sim, aniret|rina, mario, cincout,serfer and other players
from our region!
Thank you!

DIN has been banned.
I’ve heard complaints about him from nearly every Russian speaking regular, and after a temp ban a few days ago he was back again being just as toxic.
Thanks for taking the time to make this report and translate.

Thank you for reacting and saving the server from this inadequate person,who by his actions in every possible way prevented him from focusing on the game!