Diesrespect to other players

HI guys and gals…just a little FYI. There is a couple of players that when you start whooping on them they start crying you are hacking. However, there is one player that takes this to another level, that player is boomheadshot. He has no respect for the server and he even says so in the first several minutes of the video I am providing. Saying the server is trash and full of trash like me (OU812) If at all possible if someone can have a talk with him or maybe he needs a time out.

[media]<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgGv0om … e=youtu.be”>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgGv0om596E&amp;feature=youtu.be</LINK_TEXT>[/media]

The nickname says about it. He was headshotted in real life = no brain cells in his head!

Sucks that we can kick and ban but you can’t manage to grow thicker skin.

What does growing thicker skin have to do with it. Its in the rules is it not? It disrupts all the players playing. My skin is plenty thick…trust me.

Hey thanks for the report, but personally I don’t see anything here that would administer a time-out or a ban. If we did that for every player who acted like this we would be cutting our server pop in half.

And to be quite honest, you kind of poured fuel on a fire by responding to him in the first place. Best to just ignore players like that to not get a “rise” out of them.

I’m not saying we condone behavior like this, but it has to be more severe than what you posted. i.e; Racism, Hacking, massive game disruption etc.

For him saying “Trash server” “hacker” etc does not constitute enforcement action.

Let us know if this player continues and we will act accordingly.

Did you ask if it disrupts them? I’m fairly certain you can’t speak for the entire server, you just saw someone who you didn’t like and decided to nitpick what they were saying. While the definition of “disrespect” is quite literally regarding politeness, the argument could be made that killing someone in a game is impolite and in turn, disrespectful. Learn to pick your battles, quit acting like a child, and understand it’s the internet. If you’re shit, someone will call you it. If you’re good, someone will call you a hacker. To build onto it, he has no need nor requirement to respect you. He called the server shit because of YOU. Try to think about that. You singlehandedly made his opinion of the server negative because you tried to throw some weight around like you had power. Players like you are probably the worst to play with. You try to force your frame of mind onto other players with your shitty projection. I could easily push that as disrespectful too. Should I kick you for it?

Conji if you feel you should kick me, than kick me. What I have done wrong other than bring to your attention a player who has repeatedly disrupt players (not only me). I only showed you one video, do you have something against me? How did this become you attacking me just because I bring to light what is going on with the server actions which are against the rules. Do or don’t do what you must…Im done

That wasn’t attacking, that was me pointing out the flaws in your initial report and to cause your brain to engage in actual activity for once. Start thinking before you post and whether or not it has any ground before trying to throw people under the bus. There’s a name for people like you: Blue Falcon.

Either way, this player will be on admin radar for a little bit. As Fade has mentioned, if it continues on a larger scale, we will give a proper review with consequences. Thank you.

As I said I feel you have something against me…are you upset because I am making you possibly do your job. There is a name for a people like you…POS!! Think about what that means.