Discord cod reporting inquiry


I just saw the cod reporting channel in discord and was pretty impressed. I want to know how that was coded. Someone tell me how it all works. I have a similar idea for another game, but don’t want to reinvent the wheel so to speak. Oh and by the way we should have a category for code/coders? One reason I join clans is to learn about coding lol.

Thank you.


Only one that can provide information about report plugin is storm.
As for coding category that can be done but it’d be pretty empty since we don’t have that many developers/coders around here so i wouldn’t really make one just yet… maybe if we grow a little? :wink:

I’m new here but I do like your Idea… I am a software programmer / Database ADM / Analyst and I would like to get involved in something like that, another hobby!

Sounds like a logical step. Can’t wait lol

By coding/contributing to the clan the Developer rank can be obtained.
So if you 2 are interested contact an Administrator on Discord.