DLC Maps

Hey guys!
I had an idea about make a DLC server! :smiley:
Today i realized noone of the clans have dlc maps just KS…
They made a Terminal tdm and its always full.
I think we could make a DLC Mix or just from one map a TDM or woth more gamemodes cuz i think there would be players 24/7!
If somebody can’t play with dlc maps or dont have dlc than send me a pm and i can help!
It’s just an idea… I hope u like it!

it’s a great idea but that topic already was talked xd https://forum.namelessnoobs.com/t/my-suggestion-for-the-epic-mix-server/201/1

hope epic has these game modes !

Savior i talking about dlc mix… xdd
like Parish, Piazza, Terminal, Blackbox… and a lot more
theres about 8 map what nobody use…
The KS clan started to use just one and its always full that what im talking about…

or might be added at epic mix i think … :confused:

nah cuz not everybody has dlc and if it changes to dlc the guys who dont have cant play… but if we make a dlc map there will just players who got dlc :smiley:

I think that’s not a bad idea



just ask st0rm first, no need to make a topic


I think if you get the game from steam like most people do (the mw3 dedicated server tool) it comes with some of the dlc maps.