Donation button broken?

I was trying to donate to the server, when I clicked on the donation button I got a message saying this action was not allowed.

Any help would be great.


Hey can you please post a screen shot of the error you get please?

I tried again after refreshing a few times and it worked, probably something on my end.

How do I access all the stuff for the 10 dollar a month membership? Thats the one I purchased.


If you’re referring to Rust, the details of the packages are available on purchase, but I’ll post them below based on packages.

“Green Card” (VIP) gives access to Queue Skip which is enabled by default. If the server has a queue, you’ll be taken to the front and log in faster. You’ll also get a green diamond in your name in chat.

“Blue Card” (VIP+) gives Queue Skip, a Blue chat diamond and “SignArtist” which allows you to copy/paste images from the internet onto signs by using the /sil command. Type /sil (ingame) for more details.

“Red Card” (VIP++) gives Queue Skip, SignArtist, a Red chat diamond, Skinbox access (/skinbox) and Stash Markers, a plugin that shows where you’ve placed stashes ingame by leaving a little green dot on the map.

On purchase, your connected steam account should have immediate access and you’ll be able to use these commands once you’ve connected to the server.