Epic is back, baby

First off: completely forgot this username so it took a solid 20 minutes to figure out because you can’t login through an email.
Second: I know most of you don’t know me. The main people I’m telling this to are Storm, Johnny, Momo, and Chicago. Mostly the old guys back from what I call The Dank Times. If I had to say the reason for coming back, I’d have to say it’s because A: finally out of the military and B: decided to get back to group gaming because solo sucks.
Third: fuck you storm.

Discord: Kongou#0245
Steam: Kongou
And I guess for those gay enough, my GitHub
And remember, fuck you storm.

Welcome back :penis: And Fuck you too :wink:

luv u 2 bby

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Welcome back brotha

I know that you, me, and Johnny are gonna have to play some CoD4 my niggas. The hype is real.

Well i dont know you, but welcome back :wink:
The way u wrtte, sounds like you a mofo hype nigga :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


I am hyped. You have no idea how much playing with these guys meant and still means to me. I put a solid 1000+ hours just in Mod2 with these fuckers and I plan to put more with CoD4 and Mod3.