Fair enough right?

well … that’s not an official ban appeal !! but i want to say that i got banned in the lockdown server from admin “loading…” for the reason that he says “wh” which s incorrect because my game lags because of bad connection sometimes and he has the demo all other admins and everyone can see it !! now the problem is that i was playing on the epic mix server normally when i saw another admin playing which is “knifemare” … i talked to him to help me get unbanned in the lockdown server trying to convince him that i wasn’t hacking with normal words without any shity langage than i got banned … permanently !! without any reason !! without mentioning of course using their authority as admins to do a lot of thinks … the point is none of them had done the right thing … and i’m banned for no reason … and now i swear i didn’t play the game since the last ban … i just enter a server and i found myself with the biggest ping on players list then i get out !! now please i want to find a solution this can’t be done here guys !! please support and thank u …

Hi, so basically when I was talking to you in the mix server, you said you were banned by another admin, and that admin said that you had admitted that you used a kill-streak hack. This is the reason I banned you. Not because I personally saw you hack.

but man i wasn’t hacking that’s the 1st thing … and second that was on another server and that got nothing to do with the epic mix !! u killed me !! and third i had enough guys unban please it’s one of the few servers i can play on because of my ping … i swear !! i can guarantee that u’ll never see a suspicious thing again !! pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase !!!

LOL i saw the screenshot where you admitted you use a killstreak hack and yes If your banned on one nameless noob server, your banned on the other nameless noob mix server.

I’m not wasting anymore time arguing. Furthermore, the rest of your clan mates have also been found to have hacks, and I’ve been instructed to ban any trini members.

i dunno what r u talking abt … bt the killstreak ban was abt 2 years from now and i got unbanned for it so why baning me again for it if i’m not using it anymore ??

Ones a cheater, always a cheater.

u can’t just convince all the people here with that if u’re the only one convinced with it !! plus … the sanctions r made to punish and make people learn for next times ! knifemare my mate … u knew that i got banned once for killstreak hack and that was when i start to play on tekno more than 2 years now !! i got banned for it a long time and i restart playing in the server clean !! don’t ban me for it again that’s unfair !! i want to play guys don’t u get it ??

Dude you are clearly not getting what i am saying? Tell me how is this unfair? You dicided to cheat. What lead you to this idk, maybe you were too shit of a player to play legit or you did it cuz you didnt know better but you did end up making this decision, and this is all your fault. Learn to take responsibly. Id imagine by now now you should know what that word means…