False ban

Heyo so as soon as I joined the server NamelessNoobs TDM and chose a team I got banned before I could even choose a weapon I heard a series of explosions right before I got banned if that means anything. My ingame username is alexh steam is Alex lmao

Hello there and thanks for your appeal.

Normally topics like these are locked and asked to use the proper ban appeal format, but to save time I did a backsearch on your profile. Although this was the first time you joined our NamelessNoobs TDM server, this isn’t your first visit to NamelessNoobs. You were previously registered on our Modern Warfare 2 server back in December of 2020, where you were banned by our Anticheat for No Recoil Cheating.

Because you were previously banned on one of our NamelessNoobs Servers, your ban applies to all NN servers, including games like World at War, Advanced Warfare and Modern Warfares.

As the ban was correct by the Anticheat on Modern Warfare 2, it will not be removed and so your ban on Advanced Warfare and other games won’t be lifted either.


//Ban Appeal Denied (Anticheat Ban on MW2)
//Thread Locked