[FIX] TeknoMW3 has stopped working

Hey guys, follow the steps to fix TeknoMW3 has stopped working error.

Fix #1:

  1. __
  2. Go to your MW3 directory
  3. Delete/rename steam_api.dll if present
  4. Rename TeknoMW3.dll to steam_api.dll
  5. NOTE: Make a backup of “TeknoMW3.dll” and “steam_api.dll” if something went wrong

Fix #2:

  1. Remove the title/Maxfps in Teknogods mw3 launcher

Fix #3:

  1. __
  2. Disable your anti-virus
  3. Reinstall your game
  4. Install the patches and clients and update it
  5. Find the iw5mp.exe file and Right Click. Choose properties
    and go to compatibility tab. Make sure the game is set to run in compatibility.
  6. Run it as Administrator

Fix #4:
There’s another fix but you’d have to talk to me on teamspeak to do it since it involves downloading a specific file.


just what I needed :smiley:

still doesnt work for me :frowning:

there is a another way just copy and pase tecknogods clients files in mw3 directory.it works for me.B4 U DO THIS just make a backup of mw3 directory :wink: