Global Ban Appeal - Sofaking Good

In-Game Name: Sofaking good

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: Approx 11/20/2017

Admin That Banned You: Unknown

Any Comments You May Have:


I have been coming to your servers and enjoy playing the gun game specifically. I typically play on it daily and so far havent had much of a problem. There have been times in the past which people accuse me of hacking but there are people who accuse pretty much everyone of hacking. I didn’t think much of it since its been going on since I began playing on your servers. I do not hack nor do I condone hacking. I am a elder with Hard Core Gamers with the p[layer name of {HC} BigJohn.

I am unaware of when I was banned but went to log in for my lunchtime game and was kicked out of game shortly after logging in with the statement I was globally banned. I would like to appeal this and hope to return to playing on your servers once again. If I can provide further info let me know. I am not sure if you will contact me once the ban is lifted or if I am denied if I will be given a reason as why.

Thanks for your time on resolving this issue.


Your case is under investigation.

Please be patient while we sort out this issue.

Thank you.

You are unbanned.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope to see you on the servers again!